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Sage in Cloud
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SAGE Business Management

From € 125 exc vat/mo

With Sage Business Management in Cloud, you control your business at all stages of the trade chain: Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Manufacturing, Services. Discover all the advantages of this indispensable tool installed in the Cloud secure Filnet.

  • SAGE Business Management

SAGE Accounting

From € 125 excl vat/mo

With Sage Accounting in Cloud, enjoy all the constituent elements of accounting and efficient financial management. Discover all the advantages of this indispensable tool installed in the secure cloud Filnet, your wise cloud partner.

  • SAGE Accounting

SAGE Taxation

From € 125 exc vat/mo

With Sage in State Fiscal Cloud, you file your tax statements and all monitoring tools taxation of your business. Discover all the advantages of having SAGE indispensable tool installed in the Cloud secure Filnet.

  • SAGE Taxation


Starting at 115 € / month

With Sage Pay in Cloud, you have the Best reference pay solution without installation constraints, version tracking and safety control. Enjoy Sage Pay to manage your business.

  • All about Sage Pay

Filnet help you

Filnet gathered his experienced business support technicians to support all your efforts to research, selection, acquisition and management solutions Cloud. Located in France, the Filnet support reply all your questions to put cloud computing to work for your business.

More time to think and manage the business

Customer Filnet Sage Cloud

Management released computer troubles.

Marie-Claire C, DAF an SME 32 people

I can finally do my job, and focus on the content of figures of our business, not just on their computer container. With SAGE Cloud, I bring more value to our company.

  • Sage Commercial Management in Cloud
  • Sage Comptability in Cloud
Responsible Filnet Sage Cloud

The best solutions freely

Yann H, Manager in Filnet

SAGE solutions are proven. With Filnet, we have been offering our secure Cloud to release each company management infrastructure management tools.

  • Sage Pay in Cloud
  • Sage State Fiscal in Cloud

Filnet: How does it work?

  • Cloud Made In France
  • Applications
  • Security
  • Green IT
  • Online support

Cloud computing is a new usage allowed by improving connections and tools for monitoring and managing IT resources. With Filnet, the company can now access, manage, monitor and scale their IT resources flexibly from a single web portal.

With Filnet, historical IT hosting company, get a cloud made ​​in France and the flexibility of cloud operated by engineers, consultants and technicians based in France, and secured in Data Center located exclusively in France.

Filnet meets at a single cloud all the more useful to the company's business applications. Creating a blog, the SAGE Payroll tool, through emailing and dedicated server, all the applications the business needs today are available on a single Web portal.

All applications have been tested by teams Filnet, and correspond to the needs and requirements of businesses.

Engineers and consultants have all accompanied Filnet companies are aware of the highest standards of security required in the business. The Filnet data center are audited and LABELING high security every year, and are based on redundant architecture. Filnet ensures confidentiality and continuity of business by taking advantage of cloud computing.

Filnet data centers are LABELING Green IT: Filnet has the objective of reducing the energy consumption of its data centers to reduce the carbon footprint of cloud Filnet.

Dematerialization, and cloud computing, need to be coupled with efforts to reduce the overall impact of IT on the environment.

The Filnet support is provided by experienced technicians and located in France. Our support can support any requests by email or LiveChat, and assist you in the selection, acquisition and management solutions Filnet.Pour Filnet, every company must be accompanied in order to take full advantage of multiple cloud computing solutions.

What is

cloud Computing?

Filnet Cloud computing allows to provide companies all useful business solutions, on a single Web portal. The Cloud is a purpose made ​​possible by the improvement of networks and virtualization technologies of computing resources. Cloud frees the users of the infrastructure and lets them focus on the solutions they really need.