Hosted MS Exchange
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Collaborative FILNET manager

With the Exchange Offer, you will have the reference solution in the market. Full, secure, efficient and collaborative solution, you can create your mailboxes and manage each one (answering, alias ...) in some clicks. The pricing model is based on the number of mailboxes you need, depending on the size of your business.

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Contenu du Pack
  • 5 Exchange mailboxes 5GB

  • Outlook Web Access
  • Connectivity iphone, android
  • Antispam
  • Calendar, directory

Starting from
Exchange, start with Filnet
  • 1Choose your Exchange Offer.
  • 2Personalize your subscription (number of mailboxes, duration).
  • 3Confirm your order.
  • 4Create your first mailboxes from your space management.
Hosted Exchange prices
Monthly price excluding taxes based on subscription periods
Pack 5 mailboxes
Additional mailbox
One month
€ 27.50 excl vat
€ 5.50 excl vat
One year
€ 25 excl vat/mo
€ 5 excl vat/mo
Available with your Exchange Offer

1Included  Options

  • Hosting your Exchange solution
  • Setup costs
  • Online Support
  • Customer service by email 24/7

2Available  Options

  • additional Exchange mailbox from: 5 € HT / month / box
Create your Exchange box

Create your Exchange mailbox


Using the administration tools available, create Exchange mailboxes for employees in a few clicks.


Create your Exchange alias

Create your Exchange alias


Using the administration tools available, create aliases for your Exchange mailbox in a few clicks.


FILNET support helps you

1an operational service

  • server and functional access
  • login and user password
  • access information service

2the business management

  • order, renew a service
  • your orders
  • change package
  • understand your bill
  • change your contact


3use in your Customer Area

  • Create User
  • change / recover your password

Exchange, what is it?

Exchange is the reference solution in the market in terms of enterprise messaging solution. Complete and collaborative (share your contacts, calendar, invite your colleagues in a meeting while viewing their availability ...), accessible via a dedicated software or online using a simple web browser. Look no further your mails, simplify your management. Whatever the location where you send or receive your messages, transactions are instantly synchronized. Make an appointment on your mobile, you will find it in your office software, treat your messages from any computer, software office reflect your actions.


Where is my data stored?

Your datas are stored in our data centers, secure and Green IT certified, located in France and administered by our Filnet engineers.


How long you put up my service?

Upon receipt of your order, setting up your server automatically. The operation takes only a few minutes, a welcome email will confirm that it is operational and provide you all relevant information required for access.


What is my time commitment?

You can choose your commitment period for subscription of your service. Most of our deals are available for a period of one month. You decide for yourself whether or not to renew at the end of each period. If you opt for commitment over a longer period (one year commitment eg), you get an immediate discount to thank you for your loyalty.


I need extra mail address?

To adapt your service to your needs, you can at any time change package, or order additional options. The upgrade is immediately after checkout.



What guarantees provided by Filnet?

All the technical and human resources implemented by FILNET guarantee an availability rate of over 99.9%.


How do I get help?

You get a 24/7 support via email on all of your access to Filnet services. Upon request, our engineers can also accompany you on specific aspects of your practice.

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IT business specialist

IT business specialist

Filnet, the cloud solutions dedicated brand of Infoclip group, specialist in hosting services for 25 years. Filnet is the first company of cloud computing totaly created and managed in France, by high skill level engineers and technicians.