Domain Names registration
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Domain Names registration

Filnet Hosting manager

The choice of your domain name and its extension depends on various factors. Indeed, Domain Name registration is strictly regulated. The Filnet customer control panel allows you to manage and link your domain name to your web site, to emails and oher services in easy few steps. Included with your domain name : shared hosting for your web site and customized email adresses.

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Domain name + Hosting + Mail
From € 0.79 excl VAT/mo
Register your Domaine name with Filnet
  • 1Check the availability of the requested domain name.
  • 2Select the ones you want.
  • 3Confirm your order.
  • 4Once your domain name is registered, manage it easily from your FILNET customer panel.
Prices (available 1 to 10 years, depending on type)
Price per year
€ 9,50 excl VAT
€ 9,50 excl VAT
€ 9,50 excl VAT
€ 26 excl VAT
€ 16,90 excl VAT
€ 23,90 excl VAT
€ 26 excl VAT
€ 9,50 excl VAT
€ 9,50 excl VAT
€ 26 excl VAT
€ 9,50 excl VAT
€ 9,50 excl VAT
  • Domain management
  • Mail
  • Web Hosting
Domain management
Key Features
Filnet DNS zone or external DNS
DNS entries management
Webforwarding (simple or hidden)
Parking/single web page
Key Features
5 mailboxes / pop 25MB
Catch all ability
Web Hosting
Key Features
Web File Manager
1 apache webspace 250 MB
FTP access
1 MySql 25 MB data
Php MyAdmin
  • Domain management
  • Mail
  • Web Hosting
  • 1Domain management
  • 2Mail
  • 3Web Hosting
Available with your Domain Name Filnet

1Included Options

  •      5 boxes of 25 MB (forward, webmail)
  •      1 apache web hosting 250 MB
  •      1 MySql 25 MB database
  •      DNS management, web redirection page waiting
  •      Setup costs
  •      Online Support
  •      Customer support by email 24/7
Create your DNS records

Create your DNS entries


With Filnet solution, you can manage a few clicks your domain name and indicate useful parameters operation of services that you want to attach it.


 Link your Domain Name

Link your Domain Name


With Filnet solution, you can combine a few clicks your domain name to your web hosting.

FILNET support helps you

1 An operational service

  • server and functional access
  • login and user password
  • access information service

2 The business management

  • order, renew a service
  • yours orders
  • change package
  • understand your bill
  • change your contact

3 Use in your Customer Area

  • create user
  • change / recover your password

Domain name, what is it?

Having a domain name allows you to customize your web presence. Your website can have the name of your company (eg Also your email addresses or your online services (online store, blog ...) can be customized.


With which registrars Filnet works for domain names registration?

Filnet is partner with the biggest French and European registrars to provide you with an offer that always fit your needs.


How long to register my domain name?

The main element affecting the duration of the implementation of your domain name is administrative procedures, which depend in particular selected extensions. If all the elements are gathered from the order, your domain name will be available in few minutes.


What is my time commitment?

Your commitment for a domain name is linked to the possibilities offered by the registrar, depending on the selected extensions. In general, the minimum duration is one year.


I already have a domain name registered elsewhere. How to transfer to Filnet?


Simply place an order by selecting "Transfer my domain." However, transfers of domain names are strictly regulated. You must check with your current registrar that you have permission to perform the transfer. In general you need : to unlock the domain name, to find the "transfer key" and to have access to emails send to the registrant adresse email.


I have also other Filnet hosted services. If I take my domain name with Filnet, how to manage the association with my services?

You have full autonomy in setting up and managing your domain name. You can for example link your address like  to your hosted website.


What guarantees provided by Filnet?

The technical and human resources implemented by FILNET guarantee an availability rate over 99.9%.


I have both Filnet domain name and hosting services, how to link both?

If you ordered two online services on Filnet site, from your customer panel, with few clicks you can automatically associate your domain name to your other Filnet services.



How do I get help?

You get a 24/7 email support on all of your access to Filnet services. Upon request, our engineers can also follow you on specific aspects of your practice.

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IT business specialist

IT business specialist

Filnet, the cloud solutions dedicated brand of Infoclip group, specialist in hosting services for 25 years. Filnet is the first company of cloud computing totaly created and managed in France, by high skill level engineers and technicians.

Domain Name France

Domain Name made in France

Domain Names offer made ​​in France, administered and managed from Paris to follow and be in touch with quality.

Domain Name SMBs

Domain Namee ISO 9001

Domain Names are managed in accordance with procedures, and teams, ISO 9001 certified.

Domain Name Green IT

Domain Name Green IT

Domain Names are booked from infrastructure that meets Green IT low energy consumption and environmental friendliness.